Let’s celebrate

70 years of JCI Berlin

JCI Berlin’s success story can be traced back to the early 1950s when the Advisory Board of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce established a working group for young entrepreneurs in October 1952. This initiative resulted in the formation of JCI Berlin six months later.

On April 19, 1953, Franz Kluge, together with a group of young Berlin entrepreneurs, founded JCI Berlin. This group included notable individuals such as Harald Schweitzer, Gerhard Peter, Hubertus Kohnert-Stavenhagen, Helmut Dietz, and Horst Frangenheim. The focus of the „Kluge Circle,“ which first met in the spring of 1953, was on imparting economic knowledge to young, knowledge-seeking entrepreneurs. The group provided excellent support, enabling Berlin’s young entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges and responsibilities of the new economic landscape with ease.

70 years of volunteer commitment
70 years of projects and exchange
70 years of „young economy“ in Berlin

Alte Försterei

We invite you to join us on May 6, 2023, starting from 6:00 PM at the „Stadion An der Alten F√∂rsterei“ of 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. to reflect on all of this, express our gratitude and embark on a journey into the future together.

Why there?

No other place or club expresses the entrepreneurial spirit of the Junior Chamber as well as this. They took on the stadium’s renovation themselves and financed it through their members, elevated the team to the first league and established themselves there as an equal opponent.

The club and its stadium are a perfect fit for the Junior Chamber, as we prefer to take action rather than to watch from the sidelines. On this evening, we want to come together with our members and guests from the business, political, and cultural spheres, nurture exchange, network and have fun.

Secure your ticket(s)

One ticket for the gala (including program, food, drinks, and casino) costs 129.00 EUR per person.

The program

The program will be in English, as the WJ Berlin will be welcoming over 50 international guests for the European Capitals Meeting (ECM)

Start at 6:00 PM
with a sparkling wine reception

6:45 PM
Welcome inside the stadium

7:15 PM 
Neven Subotic on his path to volunteer engagement From professional footballer to a better world.

8:00 PM 
Start of the gala evening

Opening of the buffet Food, drinks, and networking.

10:00 PM 
Opening of the casino and the dance floor

There will be no gambling. We will be playing with WJ Berlin money. You will learn what makes our money special at the gala.

Midnight snack

01:00 AM
End of the event

More about our history

1953 – The beginning

The focus of the work of JCI Berlin is the transfer of economic know-how to young entrepreneurs who are eager to learn. With this excellent support through the juniors‘ circle, the next generation of Berlin entrepreneurs can master the challenges and tasks of the new economic order.

1981 – Internationally active

Making friends, exchanging experiences, and forming international networks: Under the Twinning program, two or more junior circles agree to establish contractual partnership connections. Berlin leverages these benefits by having a partnership connection with Osaka.

1987 – new formats

JCI Berlin and its members launch a series of events based on the MIT Enterprise Forum in the USA, where young companies in the expansion phase present their objectives to a select group of experts. The experts examine the overall strategy and future opportunities in detail, provide suggestions, and practical advice.

A journey through the decades in our history (in German).

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